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Fire Brush Trucks
Fire Tankers
Fire Equipment  
Fire Brush Truck

Fire Brush Truck

Optional Equipment

  • Tank capacities from 200 to 500 gallons
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction
  • Equipment compartments
  • Fenders/catwalks with rails
  • Stainless steel manifold
  • Frame Mount or Slide In Unit
  • Emergency/Scene Lights
  • Electric start engine driven pump
  • Winch & Tow hooks
  • Manual or electric hose reel
  • Single wheel/tire package
  • Mount on Precision or customer chassis

   Off-Road Tough, to Reach Remote Fires  

Precision builds Brush Trucks with quality and affordability in mind. When a fire location is hard to reach, this 4-wheel drive unit can get you there in time with the water capacity and pumping system to handle the job. You can rely on our 40 plus years of experience in manufacturing high-quality tanks and truck units.

Brush Trucks from Precision feature tank capacities from 200 to 500 gallons. Tank designs are available in stainless steel or carbon steel. The rest of the unit is equipped with the pump, winch, and hose system that meets your needs for off-road fires - in farm fields, pasture or timberland.

Specify the Brush Truck requirements you want on a chassis from Precision or one you provide - or we can retrofit your current fire protection unit.